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Riders, @gurugaman city bus resumes service

Publised on : 13-07-2020
Author: Vanita Akhaury

Gurugaman City Buses resumed service in Gurugram on July 1, 2020 after a gap of hundred days over a three-month period since COVID-19 Lockdown began in March 2020. 

In one week’s operation of service, we had 295 riders who braved it on the first day of resumption of service, on day eighth, passengers grew to around 10, 149 people. In a week’s time we saw around 66,853 riders on six routes. 

This statistics is a far cry from what we were witnessing before lockdown. From being close to 85,000 ridership per day and riders complaining of crowded buses and waiting for the bus to arrive, today, almost empty buses (as only 18 persons allowed on one bus) are ferrying around waiting to coax people on the bus.  

If we compare this to the launch week of Gurugaman service in August 2018, we had 26, 196 riders in the first week on our first Route 212. 

Nevertheless, Gurugaman service is witnessing a growing response in these challenging times and riders are encouraging and motivating people through @gurugaman social media to get a comfortable experience ride on the city bus. 

While riders need to have their armour: Mask-on all along the ride, Gurugaman bus service in turn is providing contactless sanitizer facility, temperature screening of passengers, and safe seating maintaining physical distancing to provide a safe environment within the bus. 

Moreover, the bus attendant crew (the CSAs) have been trained to keep minimum contact with customers and to get the bus disinfected at terminal points. 

All COVID-19 protocols will be strictly followed to give passengers safe rides to their destinations. “Safety’ will be the absolute priority for the operation of GMCBL City Buses.


Vanita Akhaury
Public Communication Officer